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First Song Done in the 12 Song Challenge!

So this blog it supposed to be like a diary where I tell you all of my deepest, darkest secrets? Or can I just tell you them in my songs? Either way, I'd like to tell you about how my songwriting challenge is going.

Being a mother of 2 young children doesn't leave a lot of time to play a song or two on the guitar, let alone, write one! After being accepted into the Vancouver Island Music Fest, I was feeling a bit panicked that I didn't have enough new material (even though most of the audience would have never seen me before) so I decided I better push myself a bit and get some new tunes written! The goal: 12 songs in 6 months. The plan: to write as much as I can in the time my oldest is at swim lessons with his dad every Tuesday and Thursday eve and my youngest, a 5 month old, would be sleeping. I'm lucky enough to have a baby with a good, consistent bed time schedule! I thought I might be too tired by the end of the day to work more....afterall, you parents out there know what it's like when you finally get to clock-out after a 12-14 hour day. However, I have found that hiding out, writing in my basement studio has energized me!

During the days leading up to the evenings that I would be writing, I had a few ideas floating around my head that I had scribbled down on scrap peices of paper. I also had a little idea started on my ukulele that I memorized. The tune came to me with ease and it was flowing well. I got stuck a few times, and I have to admit, I'm a bit of a self- bully and began to tell myself that that was it. ...I'm stuck, I can't do it, the song sucks anyway...blah, blah, blah. It took a bit of cheesy positive self-talk to get myself to finish the damn second verse.

Thursday was the night to finish the song. The chorus and bridge were written and will need some tweaking (no, not twerking), but I'm going to plow through writing all the songs before I go back and fix anything just yet. Besides, my producer of my EP and friend, Corwin Fox will be playing with me at Musicfest and I'm sure will have some beautiful ideas for the songs as well. We begin rehearsing when he returns from Eastern Canada in June. Be sure to check out all of his projects, too.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for some soundcloud demos of my new song. Maybe you can help me name it!

~ PK

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