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A Challenging Challenge

I was on a roll with the 12 song challenge this month. I wrote my first song in 2 hours while my son was at swim lessons with his dad and our baby was sleeping. The routine (writing every Tuesday and Thursday night) was setting in nicely and I had another song on the go during the following week. However, I didn't take into account that life happens!

Sunday, January 19th, we were headed to my parents house for dinner when my husband Carl slipped on the stairs while holding our baby. A trip to the hospital for some x-rays showed that the baby had a broken femur and would need a cast up to his chest for 3 weeks. My poor, poor baby! He's only 6 months old! I was feeling quite sorry for us for a while, but soon remembered there are families that are far worse off than we are. Children battling cancer and other terminal illnesses. I counted my blessings. (A new song theme, perhaps???)

Needless to say, things got thrown off track with the songwriting. I had to get used to managing a baby with a very large cast, more night wakings, and of course doing it all with an active 4 year old bouncing around my house looking for some time and attention from me as well.

Things are settling back into routine, but I can't say that I'm any less tired! I also admit that I am stuck for ideas on my half written second song. I am sadly procrastinating on my writing this evening and writing this blog instead. However, I plan to push ahead and get some songwriting done on Thursday eve. Wish me luck!

#challenging #life #baby #kids #routine

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