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Too Much Ambition A Good Thing?

I had this grand idea of writing a crap-load of songs before festival season began. I apparently have forgotten that I have a life with 2 kids, a dog, a house, and a husband to attend to first. I am surprised at how little time I have to spend on my music and, unfortunately, I was naive to think I could write 12 songs in 6 months. Schedules have been cluttered, sleep is somewhere far off in a distant memory, feeding myself and brushing my teeth are often forgotten, and in all honesty, I am BUSHED at the end of the day! I force myself to sit down in my songwriting chair downstairs feeling heavy, my brain foggy, my eyes drooooooopy. The pressure I've put on myself has stumped me further. So many song ideas swirling through my brain during the day, all forgotten when my butt hits the chair.

It's time to give myself a break. With my pride at stake, I am a wee bit embarrassed to say, I have to lower my standards and lower the number of songs in the song challenge. Maybe it's best not to put a number on it. Maybe it's best to just let the creative juices flow without the pressure of a deadline.

I'm goint to keep writing, but on my own artsy, daydreamy, time-ISN'T-of-the-essence terms. Heck, this post just took me an hour to write!

In other news, I've been asked to play at Gabriola Island's Community Festival June 27/28 2014! Details to come!

Thanks for reading!

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