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Lights, Camera....

I recently took a leave of absence from my nice cushy job in the school district so that I could spend more time with my 2 young boys. A side effect of that, is that I also have more time to spend on my music. I'm inspired and feeling ready to make more adventrues happen!

I'm excited to say I am working on the first full length album I've done in 10 years! Yes, 10 years! I've participated in complilation albums and have released an EP, but I'm actually embarrassed to say, it's been a decade since I've done this! I could make excuses like: having a family and needing to make money at a day job kept me away. Those things were definitely part of it, but the truth is, I was also scared.

I have taken this big, scary, exciting step with the support of my husband, family and friends behind me. Not only am I working in the studio weekly, I have taken on vocal students to add to the job title of "Musician", and I'm feeling confident that I can really do this!

Then....POP! That ball I just got rolling....? Yeah, the momentum exploded with the realization that the niggling feeling in my throat is getting worse and I think it might be something to take seriously.

I went to my doctor to figure it out. We suspected vocal nodules and I was referred to an Ear, Nose, Throat specialist. I went back a second time after being informed that the ENT specialist was not able to see me for 3 months as my condition is "elective", not "urgent". I was desperate. I told my doctor, "I feel like there is a cherry lodged in my throat....this doesn't seem consistent with everything I've read about vocal nodules. I've done some research - yes, I'm sure you hate it when your patients refer to Dr. Google - but the symptoms I have are exact to what I've read of GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)." The doc was kind and sympathetic and agreed with me! Unfortunately, this doesn't mean I can get in to see the ENT any sooner. So i'll be calling them OFTEN and hassling them to get me in. This is, afterall, my livelihood.

Here's some info on GERD: It's also called silent reflux as it's symptoms often lack heartburn - which is the case with me. Stomach acids reach into the voice box and can damage the pharynx and vocal folds. I have been given prescription antacids which takes up to 6 weeks to feel improvement. Then once I see the specialist, he can evaluate whether or not I need surgery for it.

In the meantime, I'm taking the prescription, I've changed my diet to the GERD diet which includes no chocolate! Sniff! And I'm no longer speaking to help my voice heal. To keep me feeling productive and positive, I'm working on planning my CD release tour, tweaking songs, and in the studio I'm recording everything except vocals.

....Oh, and I'm blogging.

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