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PK Tessmann - Dear City (2016) | Produced by Corwin Fox

1. Careful & Kind

2. Forget the Day

3. She's My Sister

4. Century

5. Dear City

6. You Made Your Own Bed

7. So Nice to Meet You

8. Right Where You Are

9. Twist Our History

10. Nothing More

Purchase Dear City in the Comox Valley at:

Bop City Records 

Seeds Food Market 

Rare Bird Bookshop 

Blue Heron Books 

Comox Valley Reflexology Centre 

Also available on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Bandcamp etc.

* CD's can also be mailed to you!  Contact PK for more info!

PK Tessmann - EP (2013) | Produced by Corwin Fox

1. So Nice to Meet You

2. You Made Your Own Bed

3. Cannot Explain

Pamela Keld Maybe (2006)

1. The Girl I Used to Know

2. Grow Up

3. Maybe

4. Your Safe Place

5. Sail Away

6. That Way

7. Brand New Key

8 Right Where You Left Me

9. Dancing on Teardrops

10. Push On

11. Flying

Mary's Waltz by Kim June Johnson and PK Tessmann

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